domingo, fevereiro 25, 2007

Nitrato do Chile

O país profundo está polvilhado de paineis de azulejos como este. Acho a estética encantadora. A propósito de uma foto que tirei a um deles, perto da Serra dos Candeeiros, decidi procurar na net mais informação. Eis um fragmento de um texto sobre o Nitrato do Chile:

The logo 'Nitrato de Chile' belonged to a company that traded guano fertilizer from Chile on the Iberian Peninsula during the 1920th and 1930th. It was a rough time in Europe, and also in the new world. Impoverished farmers fought to survive. Only by using fertilizers one could squeeze a bit of food, a bit of money from Europe’s starved, depleted farmlands. The nitrate extracted from the guano fowl’s excrements was then the only ray of hope.

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